Ditch the endless cycle of fad diets & complicated meal plans, that restrict your favorite foods & say “Hello” to simplified fat loss that is full of delicious treats and lasting results!


  • Not knowing what foods to eat to lose weight?

  • Being on a low calorie diet and still not seeing results?

  • Overwhelm and confusion when it comes to what types of foods to eat and how much?

  • Knowing what exercises you should do with the equipment that you have?

  • The daily war with the reflection in the mirror, wondering “What am I doing wrong?”

  • Feeling that maybe you’re just not meant to lose weight.


  • You finally lost that stubborn 10-15 pounds that you have been struggling with for what seems like FOREVER!

  • Your back in your FAVORITE jeans that have been tucked away for years..

  • Your confidence was through the roof, “hello bikini”!

  • You could be seen NAKED by your significant other without embarrassingly covering your “trouble areas”!

  • You stopped the frustrating, endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.


Before we get to all of that good stuff, I want to tell you a little bit more about me, my journey that has brought me here and why I do what I do! I went to school to become a vet technician and at the same time, my EMT career started to take off and I FREAKING loved it! However, I was seeing more and more people, during my day-to-day, that were struggling with their health, wellness and just generally being heard by doctors.It made me sad that people with autoimmune problems, gut problems and people who struggled with weight to get the help that they not only needed but also DESERVED! I am an AFAA certified trainer, NESTA fitness nutrition coach and Level 1 NCI nutritional coach, NCI hormone specialist, NCI mindset specialist, and online coach with a NASM specialization in women’s fitness.I specialize in healing hormones, reviving gut health and also achieving fat loss. I have realized losing weight isn’t as simple as handing a person a meal plan and workout plan. It’s MUCH more than that!The number one thing on my mind always is — the success of my clients! Teaching people they can live a healthy, balanced lifestyle while eating foods they enjoy is important to me.

The program is for:

  • The woman who loves to enjoy delicious food and is done with restricting her favorite treats!

  • The woman that craves the feeling of success and confidence that comes from reaching her fitness goals!

  • Both women who are familiar with using dumbbells or going to the gym AND newbies! It is all laid out for you!

  • The woman who is tired of putting herself on the back burner( especially you moms).

This program is NOT for the woman who is:

  • Not ready to make a real change with consistency.

  • Looking for a quick fix that will fail her in the long run.

  • Okay with putting herself last, again...


  • Breakdown of macros and what they are

  • My Simple Individualized Macro Formula - Learn how to calculate your macros for weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain!

  • Meal plans that fit into a balanced lifestyle that allows you to eat delicious foods, stay on track, and still live your busy life without missing out on the things you love!

  • My Meal Plan Blueprint - Learn how to take your individualized macros and make a plan that you love and fits into your lifestyle!

  • The Missing Link To Lasting Weight Loss

  • Flexible workout plans for the gym or home with a schedule that is easy to stick to!

  • BONUS #1: Recipe cravings booklet (macros included!) (value $25)

  • BONUS #2: Secret code to access my famous “Revive Your Gut” course (save up to $100)



Because you deserve to be able to lose weight without breaking the bank! I remember what it was like to feel uncomfortable, depressed, and overwhelmed in my body! I don’t want any woman to feel that way!

Imagine what it would be like to wear clothes that made you feel incredible? Like double take in the mirror, incredible!! You can have this! My Macro Mindset eBook will get you there!


  • Will this give me results?

    If you're consistent and put the work in, you will see progress, keep in mind everyone responds differently. The best thing about this program is that you are going to be learning the tools for results that are individualized and that last!

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Unfortunately, there are no refunds because, once you get your copy, you gain instant access to everything!

  • Will I plateau?

    No worries! You’re going to learn how to overcome that plateau inside this ebook!

  • What if I struggle to stay on track?

    It's important to take this day by day! I help you make 1 small improvement each day, so you can be consistent, stronger, and more confident! You’ll learn how to apply this to a lifestyle that works for you!

  • What if I struggle with accountability and motivation?

    I have a FREE facebook Total Body By Ashley that would be great for you to join to help with that!! I am always here to help you!



The Client acknowledges that the Client takes full responsibility for the Client’s life and well-being and all decisions made during and after this program.  The Client expressly assumes any risks of the program, including but not limited to; the risks of trying new foods, supplements, and exercise, and the risks inherent to/associated with making lifestyle changes.  The Client releases Ashley Shields from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which the Client ever had, now has or will have in the future against Ashley Shields, arising from the Client’s past, current or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to the program, unless arising from the gross negligence of Ashley Shields. Refund Policy; Termination. Due to the digital nature of the work, the Course is final sale and cannot be refunded. Company may terminate this Agreement and revoke access to the course immediately in the event You commit any breach of this Agreement.